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Default How Beat Am I?

99 WJ. 4.0

Really just looking for ideas at this point.

Went to loosen the oil pressure sensor on my WJ, and SNAP. Whole fucking thing snapped off including the piece from the block it screws into.

My current idea is to somehow manage to grind what's left flush, drill the hole out to 7/16", and tap whatevers left with a 1/4" NPT Tap. Then screw a 1/4" NPT x 1/8" NPT bushing into that (JB welding the fuck out of the threads) and then screwing the sensor into that.

Does this sound plausible or just wishful thinking? Was literally the last fucking thing i needed to do before selling this thing and now this happens. Fuck this fuckery.


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I don't think JB weld wont work.

Drilling it over size and trying to get as many chips out as possible.
And put grease on the tap so it collects the chips.
That Will work.

Are there threads down deeper? Can you just break off what is left and use the deeper threads.
You don't need a lot of threads to seal just remember to use teflon tape.

Worst case. Weld it up and find another spot to put the oil pressure switch or just don't run one.
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