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Default Shenanigans Forum Standards (Rules. Read Plz.)

By joining AND POSTING on our forum, you agree to these.

1) No posting other club runs/events. We do not post our club events/rides on other local club sites, we simply ask that you do the same. If you feel that it is important, PM one of the moderators so that we may approve of what you will be posting. Posting or whoring of other clubs runs/events or membership requests will be met with a deleted thread. This is not to be taken personally, but simply a matter of club/forum etiquette, thanks.

2) We really, really don't need pornography. BOTD (babe of the day) is OK as long as it remains tasteful. The internet is filled with these sites that will fulfill your needs, is here for you off roading needs....not what is between your legs.

3) For Sale Section. SiS is not here and was not created for the purpose of being a classifieds site, do not register accounts simply and solely for the purpose of leeching off our sites for sale section without contributing anything whatsoever to the community otherwise. Also, banned members may not use our website directly or indirectly to continue to sell their goods. If you feel like that is something you need to do, there are plenty of other local sites that are great for that purpose, SiSOffRoad is not one of those sites. If the major majority of your posts are in our wanted/for sale section, you arent fooling anyone.

4) Drama./Causing Problems in general This goes for PMs I hear about, public forum nonsense, and so on. This forum is not for dragging out personal issues. Keep your drama to yourself and you won't see the ugly side of the ban stick. Do not make threads dedicated to banned members, or try and spark debate/discussion over banned members/loss of membership, why they were banned, so on, we arent stupid and are aware this is only done to cause problems. Bans/loss of membership are not discussion based, the rules are enforced how they are written, bans are rare but they occur. Consistent trolling will get you banned. Also, anyone who constantly stirs the pot on a personal basis to cause trouble or generate reactions, you will also be dealt with, as this has become a problem here. If this becomes a real issue, please PM a mod.

Your membership here is not owed to you, it is an earned privilege, that is taken just as its given, just because the problems you cause dont happen on the actual sisoffroad website (on a run, on another website, so on), doesnt mean it cant affect your membership. Plainly put, if you cause problems, dont expect to see equal treatment to those who normally do not, our motto for this is plainly, "we dont give a fuck." Have some respect is all this entire rule boils down to.

5) Advertising. Please, if you are not a paying vendor, do not use the forum to advertise your services/products for money, that includes signature advertising. There are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part it should be obvious what is allowed and what it isn't. If there is confusion, please feel free to PM myself or Buffalo Phil for clarification and we will do our best.

Leave if You Don't Like It- Leave the forum if you do not like the website. Staying here only to complain to others and to the forum about how you do not like it or how this and that is unfair will only get you banned.

Thank you for your cooperation and may the standard internet pwning commence.

-The Management.
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