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Default Becoming a Member of SiS OffRoad

This is stated to some degree in the attention newbies thread in here, but figured I would give it it's own thread because a lot of people miss it.

This club can be considered "private" in a way. As of right now we are not part of any major organization per our members' wishes/vote. As a result of this, we don't have any sort of political/hierarchal structure in place, or government system of any sort. Most club decisions here are based on a member vote, simply a poll.

If you are interested in joining us as a member, we have a few loose "requirements" (loosely put).

Members are typically inducted by my own or Buffalo Phil's discretion. People can be vouched for by already existing members and that normally goes a long way in the decision process. We ask that anyone who plans to be a member, to be active in the community (i.e. forum community). We have built this club as an active tight knit community using that method and it has proven to have great results. We don't like to hand out memberships to people we dont know, or people who are never around.

Normally its easy to get a membership by coming on one or two open public wheeling run which you will see posted time to time (less often come winter time), or by attending one or two of our meet and greets which we try to have pretty often. All that in addition to being at least partially active on the forum.

What it comes down to is: Be active, participate in club stuff (runs/meet and greets/whatever) and there is a great chance you can be a member of . We have many members who have taken part in the process and have been with us for some time.

Members have access to member forums not available otherwise (i.e. wheeling, media, so on). There are no club dues, and no requirements for meetings or waivers or anything of that sort, this is meant to be a laid back no nonsense environment .

We are one of the most active club forums in the northeast, so jump in and intro yourself and get to posting
Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.

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