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Default Project: Rubber Ducky

Wanted to start a build thread on the new jeep. I haven't thought of a great name for it so "Rubber Ducky" is a place holder... maybe it'll stick. Pretty Stoked seing as it is pretty much a dream jeep for me but id like to make some changes to make it my own.

Specs when Purchased May 27, 2017

4.6 Golen Stroker engine
42RLE (supposedly going out)
Rubicon 4:1 Transfer case

Rubicon 44's front and rear (working factory air lockers)
5:13 gears

3" Savvy/Currie lift
JKS/Currie Trackbars F/R
Currie Anti-Rock Front
Currie JJ control arms F/R
Currie Correctlync Steering
Bilstien 5100's

315/75 R16 (35") Nitto Trail Grapplers
Stock Rubicon Moab 16"

Warn Front bumper with winch plate and trail bar
Griffin Radiator
Derale thermostatic transmission cooler
B&M Trans cooler
Factory hardtop
Factory (I think) soft top with quick disconnect
1" aluminum transmission drop
Engine and Transmission skid (need to pick-up... the guy found it in the back of his garage and told me to come get it.)
KC H4 conversion
K&N CAI (makes a mean noise with the stroker)
Unknown brand TB spacer.
Chrome KC light mounts on a pillar.
GOOFY wide rubicon flares
Banks AutoMind Programmer

Overall plans

I really don't want to change it a lot, just make it more betterer for Stacey to drive and take away some band-aids by the PO
  • Lower it 1-2". It is freaking tall. like probably 4.5" and is hard to get in and with the short arms it rides like a dump truck.
  • Tummy tuck (I welcome recomendations on brands. so far i really like undercover fab and the lo pro mount).
  • Corner armor
  • Rear bumper (with or without tire carrier) if without get a body mounted carrier that opens with the hatch.
  • rocker guards
  • I have the spare rim but need to get a spare tire.
  • Wheel it.
  • exp it.
  • drive it like it is a convertible to work.
  • enjoy the fuck out of it.

Pic from p/o

Pics of it on the trailer/ at home

And my puppers Wrangler Rubicon loves it!

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I'll be back to wheel in a.s.a.p. No worries!

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